Munemitsu Taguchi Ceramics
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As of late I have been concerned with the idea of accessibility and the hand made object. The nature of the arts as elitist and inaccessible to the general public has always pushed me to make work that is both aesthetically pleasing and utilitarian while remaining universal enough to be accessed by anyone who chooses.

Through subtle exploration and variation of line quality and profile I am able to manipulate the exterior forms of my pots in such a manner as to distance them from their interior counterparts. Having said that, my formal choices are still strongly influenced by the utilitarian, there are frequently allusions to the interior form in the profiles of my pots.

The dichotomy of interior and exterior space is a guiding force in my work. The work centers around two simple, yet all important elements, form and utility. The interior space functions as the utilitarian, containing food or liquid. The exterior operates as the designed form on which utility places few constraints. A strictly utilitarian vessel is subject to many requirements. It must be easy to use, comfortable, and ideally easy to clean, when fulfilling all of these requirements there is frequently little room for significant aesthetic elements. By separating my work into interior and exterior I am able to fulfill these rudimentary utilitarian requirements without sacrificing the formal elements that inspire and hold attention.

Interpretation and combination of my influences has helped my work to develop. In addressing the dichotomy within my own personality, tendencies towards the rambunctious versus those of solitude and restraint, I have been able to create work that is no longer simply parts but a whole.